By James Rodger
First Published – 2 MAY 2019

There is an official scrabble publication which contains all the scrabble words you are allowed to use.  It is updated every 2 to 4 years.  The latest was published in 2019.  It is the Collins Official Scrabble Words Book.  For anyone serious about scrabble, they will have one of these books in their home, or they will use the online version.

Scrabble changes for 2019 with HUGE list of words added – here’s what changed.

Gender identity terminology such as “genderqueer” and the neutral pronoun “ze” will be scoring words in the popular board game

The term “transperson” and other words focused on gender identity will now be included in Scrabble.

Gender identity terminology such as “genderqueer” and the neutral pronoun “ze” will be scoring words in the popular board game.

Trends in the modern world have shaped the updated catalogue of acceptable words which reflect “many areas of contemporary life”.

The topical term “transphobia” – scoring 18 points – has also made it onto the Official Scrabble Words list for 2019, along with “transperson” and “agender”.

Dictionary publisher Collins has also included “manspreading” and “mansplaining” on the list, which is compiled from a database of terms used in Australia, Canada, South Africa, the USA and UK.

Words from the political sphere have also been added, including “Antifa” – a militant American anti-fascist movement – and “Remainer”.

Collins, which compiles the list, includes new words based on trends and spikes in usage.

Gender identity terms have seen a flourishing in recent years, leading to their inclusion on the first updated list since 2015.

Helen Newstead, language content consultant at Collins, told the Press Association: “At Collins, we select new words by looking for language trends and spikes in usage in the Collins Corpus, a six-billion-word database of the English language, and gender identity is one of the areas that has seen an increase in the number of new words.”

Reflecting trends in the modern world, the word “incel” – involuntary celibate – has made the new list, as have “antivaxxer” and “dox”, meaning to share someone’s personal information online.

The now criminal offence of “upskirting” is another addition to the Scrabble repertoire.

Political analysis has introduced the term “post-truth” and, perhaps influenced by hit BBC series Bodyguard, the Russian word “kompromat” has made the list.

Slang terms like “bae”, “blud”, “hench”and “fleek” can all be played on the Scrabble board.

Among the more high-scoring new words, “genderqueer” scores the player 22 points, as does “aquafaba”, a common Vegan replacement for egg whites.

Specialist Newstead explained: “The team at WESPA (World English-Language Scrabble Players Association) select words for inclusion in Collins Official Scrabble Words from a range of dictionaries, including Collins English Dictionary.”

The official Scrabble Words list for 2019 has added 2,862 new entries to the existing 276,000.

Here is a list of some new words, including three new two-letter terms, which have been officially adopted:
Agender – of a person who does not identify with a gender (9 points)

Antifa – anti-fascist organisation (9 points)

Antivaxxer – person opposed to vaccination (19 points)

Bae – sweetheart or lover (5 points)

Blud – friend (7 points)

Burquini – swimming costume covering the whole body apart from the face, hands and feet (19 points)

Cisgender – having an assigned birth gender and gender identity that are the same (13 points)

Ew – expression of disgust (5 points)

Fatberg – large mass of fat in a sewer (13 points)

Fleek – as in “on fleek”, stylish (12 points)

Genderqueer – person with a non-traditional gender identity (22 points)

Hackerazzo – person who hacks a celebrity’s personal computer (27 points)

Hench – fit and muscular (13 points)

Incel – involuntary celibate (7 points)

Kompromat – potentially damaging documents, photographs, etc kept for blackmail (19 points)

Mansplaining – of a man explaining something to a woman in a condescending way (13 points)

Manspreading – when a male passenger spreads his legs into the seats beside him (18 points)

Misgender – refer to a person as the wrong gender (13 points)

Ok – okay (6 points)

Remainer – person who remains (10 points)

Qapik – monetary unit of Azerbaijan (20 points)

Shebagging – when a female passenger places her bag on the seat beside her (18 points)

Transphobia – hatred or fear of transgender people (18 points)

Upskirting – taking photographs under a woman’s skirt or dress without consent (17 points)

Ze – gender-neutral pronoun (11 points)

Yowza – used to express enthusiasm or excitement (20 points)

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