State schools in England must teach a range of subjects according to targets set by the National Curriculum. This was established in 1989 to ensure the same standards of teaching and learning across the nation.  Before this, schools where teaching random topics and if a child moved schools, there was not guarantee they would have covered the basics.

The National Curriculum covers learning for all children aged 5-16 in state schools, and sets out:

  • which subjects should be taught
  • the knowledge, skills and understanding a child should achieve in each subject (according to your child’s age)
  • targets – so teachers can measure how well a child is doing in each subject
  • It is easier to spot gifted children who achieve way above the targets, and children who are falling behind and need special assistance.

The subjects we teach here at YourTeacher are Mathematics, English, Business Studies, Economics, ICT and Accounting.  We closely follow national curriculum and exam syllabus guidelines, but bring alive our classes in an interesting way, developing a rapport with students.

Maths and English

Maths and English are taught to the following stages in the National Curriculum.
Key Stage 1:  Ages 5-7 Years 1 and 2
Key Stage 2:  Ages 7-11 Years 3, 4, 5 and 6
Key Stage 3:  Ages 11-14 Years 7, 8 and 9
Key Stage 4:  Ages 14-16 Years 10 and 11

Business Studies, Economics, ICT and Accounting

Business Studies, Economics, ICT and Accounting are taught at Key stage 3 and key stage 4 to GCSE level.

Key Stage 3 Ages 11-14 Years 7, 8 and 9
Key Stage 4 Ages 14-16 Years 10 and 11
These subjects are also taught to adults, who want to learn the material for increased education, or who want to take an exam in the courses, which can be done at any age.  Exam registration costs would be payable by the student, in addition to tuition costs.
Our Tech courses, are hands on lessons, teaching a skill or how to use particular software.  The skills taught can be useful for the learner, either for personal use, or to start a business, or to become more employable in the workplace.  Students will need to use there laptop or desktop during the lessons.