Apply for the next Tournament – December 2020

Welcome to Easy Scrabble Tournament – available to players around the world from age 7 (with parents support) to age 100.

Play using phone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

Time limit – None

The cost for entry is  – £4

Prizes – Amount detail will be sent to entrants before the competition starts.

Entrants will receive 3 days notice of start of competition.

Complete 3 games in 4 days.   Best of 3 games moves on to the next level.

Tournament Rules follow below.

Tournament Rules

All players are encouraged to play with a spirit of fun, guided by a sense of fairness.

All players are honour-bound not to cheat or distract their opponents

Players should not collude with other players

Do not intimidate your opponent

Even if you lose a game, you will have learned something which will improve your future games.

Once a play has been made, it is final. There is no re-run.

For online games – if in doubt, toss a coin to decide who starts.

Aim to finish a game within one hour. In this easy tournament – we are not offering time penalities. can be used as a guide as to how much time you are taking.

Start the timer, when it is your turn and stop when you have completed your move.

Game Interruption
If you get called away in the middle of a game – please inform the opponent, to pause the game, and advise them when you will be back.

If you leave a game in progress and there is no consent to continue the game later, you receive a loss. The opponent wins.

Play Using the International Lexicon Collins Official Scrabble Words (2019) as the judge and jury in disputes.

Next Play
The next opponent details will be placed on the notice board
as soon as they are finished their game.

Getting Help

Young players or senior players can get help from family or friends.  The idea is to improve every time you play.  On the completion form, please be honest if you have had help. Also indicate how many moves did the player receive help.  Eg 3 out of 12 moves.  Honesty pays rewards.  It will not detract from your winning games.

Recording the Game
Complete required Game Complete form, and send screen grab of the final board, indicating that you both accept these results as final.

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