Whether we like it or not, technology is ruling the world now.  It’s time to get in the game.  Dee and team has decades of experience in teaching ICT, and also running a Web Design and Digital Marketing  Business.  Here you are offered the chance to learn how to create your own website, and then other websites for potential clients.

We also teach how to use Social media and how to make it effective for your business.  Excel is powerful, and the majority of people do not know the full extent to how it can be useful in their personal and business lives.  We keep up with new technology and methods also.  As you know Tech does not stand still.  See the full list below of courses offered.

These one-2-one tuition topics offered are useful for people who want to learn new skills, and save money by doing projects themselves, or earn extra by setting up their own business offering these services. Beginners are welcome. If you have some skills, and wish to advance further, we can tailor lessons to suit where you are now and beyond. Our preliminary chat will ascertain our course of action.

Topic Areas Offered:

  1. Web Design
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Creating an Online Course
  4. Selling on Etsy
  5. Setting Up and maintaining an Etsy Shop
  6. Selling on Amazon
  7. Setting up and maintaining an Amazon Account
  8. Paid Google Ads
  9. Paid Facebook Ads
  10. Paid Instagram & Twitter Ads
  11. Book Coaching
  12. Ghost Writing
  13. Ebook Publishing using Amazon Kindle
  14. Ebook Publishing across other platforms apart from Amazon
  15. Audio book Publishing
  16. Traditional publishing.
  17. Microsoft Excel
  18. Social Media  –  (Choose any of the platforms below)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube & your own Videos
  • Tik Tok
  • Reddit

Cost of Lessons:

£40 per hour.


Lessons are mostly VIRTUAL.

Notwithstanding we are still in a pandemic and must be careful, for those who request it, we are able to offer lessons in the tutees home or in a local venue for adults.  Tutorials can also take place at the Tutor’s home.  A local venue could be a public library, office or a quiet cafe.

In person lessons are offered to locations Local to Greenwich, Lewisham or Bexley boroughs.


4 hours paid in advance £140. (12% saving)  Lessons can be booked within one month.  Lessons can also be condensed to one day to fast track your development.

10 hours, paid in advance: £316. (21% saving)  Lessons can be booked weekly within a 3 month period.  Lessons can also be condensed for one weekend or two consecutive weekdays to fast track your development.

Done for You Tech & Marketing

We do offer a done for you service for your product or service.  We realise not everyone has the time to learn.

Please check our sister website Upwards Tech Marketing & Digital Solutions.  Uptechmds.com