FOCUS – Concentration, Confidence & Accelerated Learning System (CCALS)

Focus is a key skill for emotional and social intelligence.

Without Focus we wander aimlessly along hoping for luck to smile on us. We believe you can make your own luck.

Without Focus we are distracted, directionless, and disconnected from people or the wider world around us.

Indeed, the ability to concentrate, listen, and pay attention meaningfully is critical to progress, happiness and success.

A student may require all round concentration and learning techniques.  They may require motivation or a raising of self esteem.  They may require brain training exercises to help them learn faster.  Some people are born with this gift, but most people have to learn it.  Sadly some never realise this and so do not fulfil their potential.  A course of lessons of our unique CCALS could change the course of the tutees’ life.  This course prepares students to manage their way through school and beyond.  This course  is also useful for students studying for the 11+.

Tuition will include:

  • Focus and Concentration Skills
  • Verbal Reasoning (Language Manipulation)
  • Non Verbal Reasoning (Numbers & Shapes)
  • Listening Skills
  • Memory Exercises
  • Scrabble
  • Chess
  • Self Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Manners & Behaviour
  • Happiness Choices
  • Target Setting
  • Time Management

This course helps to improve cognitive skills such as analysis, problem solving and speed of processing.  It also aims to provide a more positive outlook on life.  Schools are only  judged by exam results alone.  No judgement is made on the concentration skills and well being of the children when they eventually leave school.  The tutor here is more than a teacher, but a mentor and coach also.

An adult version of this course is also available.

Cost of Lessons:

£25 per hour or £14 for half hour.


Currently – All Lessons are online.


4 hours paid in advance £88.  Lessons can be booked within 2  months.