You are never too young too learn, or too old to learn.

Lifelong Learning is the term given to the wide open possibilities for people of any age to learn something new. Adults can learn in person through personal tuition, classes at a college, or holiday learning events. People can also learn online from the many learning portals that exist now.

Distance learning opens doors for people who may find it difficult to travel to a course. An online course can be taken from around the world. It is great for learners who are looking for an accredited course or who want to study for pleasure.

Keeping the brain active does have advantages since learning can prevent you from becoming bored and thus enable a more fulfilling life at any age. There does not need to be a specific reason for learning since learning for the sake of learning can in itself be a rewarding experience.

Knowledge can be acquired and skill-sets developed anywhere – learning is unavoidable and happens all the time. However, lifelong learning is about creating and maintaining a positive attitude to learning both for personal and professional development.

Lifelong learners are motivated to learn and develop because they want to: it is a deliberate and voluntary act.

Lifelong learning can enhance our understanding of the world around us, provide us with more and better opportunities and improve our quality of life.

Typical courses can include Creative writing, Computer hardware, Architecture, Fashion design, Web design Art, Knitting, Crochet, Carpentry,

Lifelong learning can also apply to children who have the capacity to quickly learn things that mainly adults indulge in. They can be taught (and typically teach themselves) about social media and youtube. They can be taught web design, and start doing whizzy tech hobbies which could eventually become lucrative.

Expand the mind at all times. It gives purpose and enjoyment. See the range of what I teach with offers in the ICT section.  Technology is not only the future it is today.  Start now.


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