YourTeacher is  the teacher you want to work with.  YourTeacher is the teacher, to whom students rush to the lesson.  YourTeacher is  the teacher with a heart, but stern enough to make  students learn.  YourTeacher is the teacher who makes mundane things seem interesting, who awakens latent talent, and who has the patience of a saint, while not standing for nonsense.  Students achieve or go home.

YourTeacher was founded by D. Grant.  She herself has taught in schools, but now works freelance either teaching, or involved in tech consultancy.  She has a number of colleagues who work with her.   We offer several subjects from our vast knowledge.   We teach adults and children.  Teachers who work with us  have current DBS Certification and relevant degrees and experience in teaching.


Children Tuition

We provide the necessary tools and proper guidance to enable students to achieve success in various subjects. We know that students gain the most through one-on-one sessions. We teach children from age THREE  upwards.

We also offer clients the flexibility to have lessons with siblings or friends up to a total of 2 people (which may make the lessons cheaper than individual lessons.


Adult Tuition

We work with mature students either in person or online.  However – because of the pandemic – all lessons are virtual.  Learning makes life more interesting and provides a purpose while broadening your horizons.

We completely understand that you may have a job or have family commitments and responsibilities. We provide the flexibility to work around your schedule in order to ensure you are getting that quality level help.


Fast Learning & Bulk Lesson Discounts

Fast track lessons may be requested because the student is looking to catch up or surpass classmates, or an adult is looking to further their professional career or make a career change.

Extra help can be offered over one weekend or two  weekdays. Or you may be doing a course at college or university and need support as you fear you could fall behind. So we can offer all day tuition (4 to 6 hours) or weekend packages (10 to 12 hours) to get you the knowledge and practice fast.

Bulk lesson bookings of 4 hours, provide you with a 12% discount.  The lessons can still be weekly, bi-weekly or all on one day.  For example 4 hours of £25 pound lessons would be £88 instead of £100.

Bulk lesson bookings of 10 hours can be ordered in advance. This is offered at a 21% discount. where lesson times can be booked over a 3 month period.  For example 10 hours of a £25 lessons would cost £198  instead of £250


Evidence for Employers or Colleges

A certificate of completion of course with all the topics covered is available for you on request.  Accredited Examinations can be taken – for an additional cost for registration.


Location of Classes

Distance learning may be a preferable option, and we offer online lessons to people all over the world.

During the Pandemic – it is advisable that all lessons are virtual – but live.

After the pandemic

When things have return to normal – which may be summer of 2021, in person lessons will resume,  lessons can be in the Tutee’s home  or the Tutor’s home if local to the following postcodes in London. SE3, SE10, SE18 and SE28.

For adults – lessons can be in a local public area such as a library, office,  or quiet cafe.

Contact us – let’s have a chat.  A preliminary chat is free.  If you don’t get us on the phone, try email.  We always respond – the same day where possible or at least within 24 hours.

YourTeacher’s Slogan is  “Upwardz”… Upwards is the Direction you always want to aim for.

Increased knowledge, Increased confidence, and Better Results.

Have a fantastic day.